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IDK [Official Video] – When Jme the Realest joined RB

Radical Breaks has been around since 2015, as a party squad. Circa 2016, VoxPopuli -one of the founders- decided that RB should move on to becoming a label producing party music in ATH. In 2020 Radical Breaks happily announces its first trap release from its newly recruited member Jme the Realest.

This is how Jme the Realest joined the radicals

JtR was already aquainted to VoxPopuli. But as all things happen by luck, he just joined VoxPopuli and co-owner of the label Infinik into a show the last moment. VxP invited and all of a sudden he rocked the stage. It didn’t take much time for the Radicals to get amped by his spirit; always energetic and creative, determined to make it. Infinik suggested that Jme the Realest shoyld join him on his upcoming album, so they worked together on Epe Setil.

When Epe Setil dropped with the album “Gargoyle” it was an instant favorite for the team and the whole get down. Jme the Realest kept working on his plans, so IDK was the next target.

Shooting IDK was awsome

In the videoshooting for IDK the whole crew came up, from west Athens to Patissia and it was great. As you can check out in the scenes it was warm and ready to blow. IDK is a track representing the hustle of Jme the Realest to make his music heard and reach the top. It’s so inspiring to be there when a true artist takes his first strong steps. Like you be the first to watch the sun rise.


IDK cover art created by DMNLIES

Make sure you listen, share and support IDK, Jme the Realest and the whole Radical Breaks get down!

More infos on the track:

Official digital single “IDK” by Jme the Realest, presented by the cooperative record label Radical Breaks. Stream on ►Spotify: http://bit.ly/IDK_Jme_the_Realest ►Directed & colored by Panos Beretis instagram :https://www.instagram.com/panos_beretis/ ►Production Assistant: Dimitris Zerdevas ►Lyrics/Raps: Jme the Realest instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jmetherealest/ ►Music Produced by: Penacho Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ E’n’D Productions studio by Ibo Himi Official Site: https://www.endproductions.gr Cover Art: DMNLIES ►Presented/Produced/All Rights Reserved by Radical Breaks cooperative record label: fb: https://www.facebook.com/radicalbreak… instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radical_breaks twitter: https://twitter.com/RadicalBreaks official site: https://www.radicalbreaks.gr email: [email protected]


Jme the Realest – IDK – Official Video by Radical Breaks

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