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💥NEW RELEASE: Eni-d – Charisma feat. Infinik (Official Video)


Eni-d release his “Charisma” single from Radical Breaks, featurig Infinik

It takes great amount of charisma to stay original…

Eni-d released his first single from Radical Breaks “Charisma” and the “radical” Infinik is on it as well. Join those two heavy hitters in the travel to the depths of originality.

Eni-d’s digital single “Charisma” is produced by Hook and engineered by E’n’D productions. Robust verses, dark street melodies and the “charima” of the ATH bread MCs form an original hip hop attitude for this release.

What is the greatest “Charisma”?

You will always fall. No matter how many times you fall, you will have to stand up again. Standing up is not easy, it takes courage, it takes charisma. In the case of Eni-d and Infinik, this charisma comes along with true hip hop originality through their whole perception towards the game. Eni-d does his thing, the way he likes it and the way he wants. As well as Infinik. This is what got them together.

“Charisma” official video

You can stream “Charisma” on all platforms and watch its official animation video on youtube. A video visualizing the suoerpower of courage with some fresh aesthetics.

Eni-d: facebook || insta
Infinik: facebook || insta

Distributed by Radical Breaks cooperative record label

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