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What about Radical Breaks?
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Radical Breaks is the fresh cooperative record label from ATH
our story
With hip-hop based aesthetics and blends of funk, soul, break-beat,reggae, trip-hop and nu-disco has come to change the game. Radical Breaks introduced Nu Funk hip hop to the underground of Athens. ~Feel free to contact us for info or booking. Radical Breaks | Cooperative Records & Art Label
Facts about Radical Breaks
Things you need to read about Radical Breaks.
We always dig something different than the mainstream hip-hop culture and all the ``must``, we borrow and exchange techniques, concepts and opinions about art that will change the world and not doing art just for doing art.Classics along with experimenting, smooth along with raw, beats without raps, drum & bass with raps, London along with New York, Jamaica along with Athens and all the destinations we'd like to visit sometime.
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We are not just a set of musicians. We expand the vision of our label into producing brand new aesthetics as an art label as well.


We are a cooperative label. We work all in together for common goals and equally divided profits

Hip Hop Based

Our influences derive from hip hop. Hip hop is the culture that sparked our talents and we joined together because of it. We always try to keep connection to our roots.

Nu era

It’s about time that hip hop takes a brave new step. We give our best to make it happen as fast as possible!

Radical experiments

We like to experiment on new approaches to music and art in general. We never stay stagnant and we try to explore every new possibility.

Enter the Nu Funk

We have our own whole nu aspect of music. We will establish the NuFunk culture, not just music. Groovy party-like sounds, with a lining-cool state of mind.As funky as it used to be in the start, but even more fresh!