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Gargoyle album cover

[NEW ALBUM] GARGOYLE by Infinik, release by Radical Breaks

Infinik released his anticipated album “Gargoyle” on November 27th.

It includes eleven digital tracks with beats by Tabtu, Sentury Status, Life and Death, Don P, Renegade Instruments, Meandi, Ste748 and Gus. It features raps from Mc Yinka, Jme the Realest and 3rd Face.

The Gargoyles were mythical monsters. They were once people but they were turned into monsters made out of stone. However at night they protected the temple they were built in and the city that punished them. Infinik’s Gargoyle is made for all those that society fears, yet Gargoyle protect them at night. To all those push back o the margin.

Gargoyle album cover

Infinik’s “Gargoyle” album cover made by DMNLIES


Gargoyle is a manifest of the “NuFunk” flavor of hip hop , that the cooperative label Radical Breaks is trying to establish in Greece. A mix of G-Funk, Trap and Nu Disco sounds, with a cool vibe and street attitude.

Listen to the Gargoyle, support and love us:

►Gargoyle on YouTube:

►Gargoyle on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4Vo9YiWXLAeeEhVctjxzfW
►Gargoyle on iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/gargoyle/1490133404
►Gargoyle on Bandcamp: https://infinik.bandcamp.com/album/gargoyle


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