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Vox Populi Angel Dus cover image

NEW RELEASE: VoxPopuli – Angel Dust

Radical Breaks is the life of the party! Lives in parties, gets drunk in raves, fell in love with the groove.
Angel Dust is a new party anthem by VoxPopuli, in a NuDisco way this time.
Angel dust was a famous drug at NY Parties at the 70’s and VoxPopuli, symbolizes it with sexual
seduction. Angel Dust does whatever sex does. Sex breaks your feet, makes the world go round, keeping
you alive.
Angel Dust is, also, α debut of the new music style of VoxPopuli. Spoken word rapping style, with electro
music vibes but always keeping his hip hop roots way of thinking on music.
The new drug, is the NuFunk. Are you ready to travel to another dimension?

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