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Infinik LIVE @ ILION PLUS on February 28th

It’s been a long time since Radical Breaks joined a great on stage performance. Radical Breaks member Infinik joins Φρανκ x Drugitiz, Yinka and Renegade Instruments on the most fresh ATH Get Down Live. On Friday 28th at Ilion Plus in the center of Athens.

Infinik, Φρανκ x Drugitiz, Yinka, Renegade Instruments LIVE @ ILION PLUS February 28th

Common aesthetics – Common stage

Infinik shares the stage with Φρανκ, Yinka and Renegade Instruments due to common aesthetics background. All of them represent a nu era of hip hop in Athens, with fresh sounds and concepts, combining the classic grooves. Nonetheless, they all share common views on hip hop life and the needs of the streets.

Yinka appears on Infinik’s latest album “Gargoyle”, on track “Wakanda”, already making it to the tops of the get down:

Wakanda – Infinik ft. Mc Yinka

Community – Infinik produced by Renegade Instruments

Renegade Instruments has also produced one of the tracks of “Gargoyle”:

Φρανκ – Default

Φρανκ has also recently released his album Default, with nice grooves and fresh vibes:

Mc Ynka appears as well on a track of Default, while Renegade Instruments has produced one of the tracks.

Let’s fire up ILION PLUS on Friday 28th February!

The most fresh team from ATH unites powers for the hip hop live that the city was missing. New era sounds along with classic grooves, raps from the streets and tunes for the party promise you a great time.

Are you going to miss it?Nope!

Info about the venue

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/226037721729839/

ILION PLUS – Kodrigtonos street 17 – Athens

Close to ISAP station Victoria ( green line )

Damage 6euros


Find your way to ILION PLUS

Ilion Plus is only 5 minutes away from Victoria station

Make sure you join us!

Infinik, Φρανκ x Drugitiz, Yinka, Renegade Instruments LIVE @ ILION PLUS February 28th

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