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1 year IDK // Jme the Realest

One year IDK, what a year

It’s been a year since Jme the Realest released his first single with Radical Breaks . It was great to see and up and coming artist join the team and spread so much energy around. IDK was the first official digital release and music video ever. Radical Breaks released it on it’s youtube channel and all major platfmorms . IDK had a good year and reached many ears with Jme the Realest performing it over various shows. IDK is a street anthem with the true mentality of a kid growing in downtown Athens and hustling to make ends meet.


Who is Jme the Realest?


Fromn the shootings of the video “IDK”

Jme the Realest was born and raised in downtown Patissia, Athens GR with Tanzanian origins. He is all up in the game to make some noise. RB first presented him on “Epe Setil” on Infinik’s “Gargoyle” album. Since IDK he has released another single as well, named “All Day” an anthem of Athens hustling as well. His latest releast release was on VoxPopuli’s MoxieKult album on the track “Fly, not” .He has performed in all Radical shows and now he is getting ready to drop his solo album.


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