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1 year Blanka // Infinik

1 year Blanka, a Nu Funk manifesto by Infinik

Radical Break celebrates the one year Blanka anniversary. Infinik released the “Blanka” clip in February 2020 and it was the official start of the Nu Funk era. 2020 was a strange year, but still Radical Breaks managed to pull off some great music and we celebrate a year of “Blanka”. “Blanka” was originally included in Infinik’s “Gargoyle” album, that dropped in November ’19. “Blanka” is what we call a NuFunk manifesto both as a sound and as a video. It was filmed by Panos Beretis and it presents the vibey attitude of Infinik and the fresh concept he pointed out with the “Gargoyle”.

What about Blanka?

Blanka is a fiction charachter of “Street Fighet”. He is a well known figure of “Street Fighter” although he is not a star. His style of fighting is the most straight forward of all. He just explodes. He pumps up and he electrifies the atmosphere. Legend has it, he was transformed into Blanka when his plane crashed into the jungle. Although he looks like a bogus monster he shows signs of a pure heart. That what Infinik’s Blanka is all about. Making your way, although you look different, besides being away from the starring light. It is also about keeping your style and your attitude straight forward. It is also about electrifying the atmosphere with your vibes, going crazy when you need to, but deep inside keep the love alive.

NuFunk aesthetics

The whole “Gargoyle” project was a manifestation for NuFunk. Although the NuFunk concepts matures in the circle of the RB and many more stuff are coming, the “Gargoyle” album was a solid base to declare our own music taste, that we labeled as NuFunk. As a sound NuFunk is based on  G-Funk/Hip Hop roots, including NuDisco/House, Funk/Afrobeat and Trap influences. Sometimes one gender is less or more present however the orientation is yet under developement. Gargoyled featured mainly the GFunk/West Coast banger sound with a bit of trap and electronic sounds. As a perception, NuFunk breaks away from the moody attitude of hip hop and enters the funky vibey roots of the first days of hip hop. Even if the music is not party intended, it is always targeting at making the day less dull and empowering the listener.

Blanka was a NuFunk flagship

Blanka was a flagship for the NuFunk aesthetic. Vibey attitude and funky rythms, along with an afrobeat insinuation, it settled the ground for latter NuFunk episodes. The pineapples, the donuts and the cuban rum are basic symbols of the NuFunk way. The colorful video concludes the easy going atmosphere and marks the next steps of the Radical Breals label.

What if it is a lockdown?

What if it is a lockdown? Keep safe and invite your social bubble to come over and have some fun. That’s what’s going on with Blanka. Infinik invited his friends over. They played the grooves, had some booze and playd Street Fighet. Of cource Infinik picked Blanka. Keep safe, but keep spreading the good music. Infinik is up to new stuff so follow Radical Breaks and Infinik in a NuFunk journey you’ve never experienced before.

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