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3Points Game: Infinik

3 Points Game με τον Infinik, λιγο πριν την κυκλοφορια του νεου album "Φτηνα Cocktails" O Infinik κυκλοφορεί σε λίγες μέρες το δεύτερο ολοκληρωμένο του album μέσω του Radical Breaks με τίτλο "Φτηνά Cocktails". Περίπου ενάμιση χρόνο μετά το "Gargoyle" , o Infinik είναι έτοιμος να...

Infinik on “The Unknown Sound” radio show

Listen to the recorded radio show of "Unknown Sound" hosting Infinik as a guest On Friday 26th of March 2021, Infinik was invited over "The Unknown sound" radio show on ErtOpen 106.7. Lots to talk about on current affairs, the lockdown and of course the latest...

1 year Blanka // Infinik

1 year Blanka, a Nu Funk manifesto by Infinik Radical Break celebrates the one year Blanka anniversary. Infinik released the "Blanka" clip in February 2020 and it was the official start of the Nu Funk era. 2020 was a strange year, but still Radical Breaks managed...

West ATH Tropics Extravaganza @ Anaireseis Festival 2020

Radical Breaks will be presenting its brand new NuFunk Extravaga "West ATH Tropics" for the Anaireseis Festival 2020, at the central square of Peristeri, West Athens, Greece. It is the first time that this performance takes place. The "West ATH Tropics" extravaganza will be presenting a...


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