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💥NEW RELEASE: Infinik – Spielberg

New digital single by Infinik

Infinik released the digital single “Spielberg” by Radical Breaks, on December 2020. The music was produced by VoxPopuli and the track was engineered at Renegade Lab by Renegade Instruments. “Spielberg” is available on all streaming platforms by Radical Breaks.

The most scifi year ever

2020 was the most scifi year until now, so “Spielberg” is a resolution of this year, based on NuFunk aesthetics. Infinik looks back to the events of the year both at a personal level and at a social. He makes a wish for the year that comes to be better.

Κάνω ευχές για του χρόνου από φέτος, να μην γράψει το sequel ο Spielberg

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