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Athens Get Down: Lung fanzine, check out one of Athens freshest!

Lung Fanzine is here!

Lung is a greek printed music fanzine with a bimonthly publication frequency since December 2018 and has already reached its 9th issue. The concept was conceived by a group of people coming from common and different backgrounds. Through their interaction they managed to bring their idea into creation and run it up to date under a collaborated philosophy.

What can I find in Lung Fanzine?

Among its pages one can read features with a wide range of contemporary and old sounds and aesthetics emerging from various music genres and scenes, from rock and electronica to jazz, improve and hip hop, without been attached to any hype.

Lung Fanzine introduces new artists

The project is an ambitious attempt to introduce different artists through extended reviews of their work. It longs to travel to the real world and meet people to share with them the ideas and sensibilities thriving among the pages.

One of the team’s aspirations is to build a community that freely shares and enjoys all the truly important things in life, such as music, arts and ideas, especially in a country that in certain periods of time struggles to breathe.

Every printed word is an alveolus that fills our lungs with oxygen.

More about Lung fanzine:

Info: www.lungfanzine.gr


[email protected]

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